Clearing Writer’s Block

My last blog post was all about me not writing a single word following my MLitt dissertation and feeling guilty about still calling myself a writer. I received lots of reassuring messages that there was no need to beat myself up about it and just to take my time and get back to writing when I was ready.

One of the main reasons excuses that I had for not churning out a daily word count was my search for a new day job.  My wee brain can only cope with so much at one time so I’ve been preoccupied with researching and preparing for a new role that involves numbers not words.

Because I’m a self-confessed control freak, this means that I can relax a bit now that one area of my life is sorted and I can get back to writing.  Whoop whoop! But after a break, how do you flex those creative muscles again? My answer was to do a warm-up exercise (the only fitness regime I follow!)by submitting a 75 word story to the Paragraph Planet website.  This site thrives on variety, what you write is up to you. It might be a moment captured, it could be an intriguing section of a novel in progress, or it might be a short, short story.

I’ve now been featured on their site 5 times and I’m always excited to see my writing published online.  If you’re stuck in a rut with your writing, I highly recommend giving Paragraph Planet’s challenge a go. It’s certainly helped get me thinking again about what I want to write and now I plan to flesh out the 75 words into something much bigger.

My story is called ‘Saturday Market’ and although writing a mere 75 words is not much to shout about at least it’s a start and a step in the write (sorry, couldn’t resist it) direction. 75+75+75… all adds up.  This is the story which could grow and grow…

Saturday Market

“Try them on in the back of the van darlin’.”

I nudged Lorraine and she climbed inside the rusty Transit. I followed and closed the van’s door. Almost.  Lorraine peeled off her leggings like a second skin. She lay on her back to yank the skinny jeans up over her chunky hips. I sat on my hunkers.

We knew he was watching. Lorraine’s giggles turned to snorts.

“Let’s give him a proper show.”

Do you have any tried and tested writing workouts which help get you motivated to keep writing and whip you into shape?

4 thoughts on “Clearing Writer’s Block

  1. Hello! Love your “Saturday Market” – v.funny! Especially love “I sat on my hunkers” – not heard that for ages! Do I have any tried and tested writing workouts? Em, no. But I’m hoping the lovely readers of your bloggy wog do… I could do with a few tips. Oh and a new role that “involves numbers” – sounds intriguing… you’re not the new Carol Vorderman are you? *nudge, nudge, wink, wink* congrats my Writer Buddy x

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