New Year, Same Story


Haribo Sour Cherries- my downfall.

This is the time of resolutions, clean slate, fresh start and all the other clichés that you indulge in following the Bells. Last year one of mine was an all-time classic- lose weight. I’m thrilled to report that twelve months on I’m now a svelte size ten, fit and trim. Ha! That statement would be the most far-fetched piece of fiction I’ve ever written. The reality, like many of my good intentions is that I didn’t have the will power to achieve my target weight. All I had to do was to eat less and move more but that proved to be too much of a challenge. I’m too lazy to exercise and too greedy to say no to a bag of Haribo.

Nut2012-31RecursiveResolutionflat600However, my other resolutions about believing in myself as a writer and ignoring my inner critic have had better results than the readings on the bathroom scales.  So what are this year’s goals?

In 2013, I need to work harder on my self-discipline (not just on my chocolate intake). Towards the end of last year, I let my writing schedule slip in favour of other things going on in my life. There was no uni deadline to meet anymore and it was easy to get caught up in other activities and step off the submission treadmill.  It was even easier to park up my WIP and await divine inspiration…


One of my fellow writers on twitter, Laura (@writerlas) blogged about her List of Goals for 2013 and the one that spoke to me the most was to treat writing like a second job. Another, Susie Maguire (@wrathofgod) tweeted that she was marking out pages of her new diary and filling in mornings with red pen as ‘writing time’. These ideas are as simple as ‘eat less and move more’ but this year, I’m adapting the mantra to ‘faff about less and write more’. Or even, just write! Unlike my dream body weight, I’m not going to set myself an unrealistic target such as, write every single day, I’ll be happy just to write a little and more often, which would be a huge improvement on my recent output.

Writing is much more to me than a hobby so I need to devote more time and energy to getting back on track. And because I enjoy writing, it should be much easier than stepping away from the biscuit tin and doing some exercise. Well that’s the theory…

What’re your writing or life goals for 2013? Were you successful in achieving your resolutions for 2012?


8 thoughts on “New Year, Same Story

  1. Was not successful in fulfilling writing goals! In fact I am just less than two months shy of missing my self imposed, self publish deadline by one year. Work, family and training commitments for a charity event have all taken precedence. That said, the MS is at least finished, give or take the odd comma and speech mark. I sometimes wonder what it would be like to produce a book to a cast iron deadline and whether creativity would suffer or be improved as a result. Always enjoy your posts Helen, Happy new year!

  2. I am so with you on this one. Less faffing and more writing is something I should definately aim for this year. Just so easily distracted at the moment…

  3. Helen, have just caught up on your recent excellent posts from while I was away. It seems to me you accomplished an awful lot last year. Sometimes when we miss the bull’s eye, we forget to give ourselves credit for anything at all. My aim last year was to get an agent (laughs hollowly). Almost to the day, I blogged a year ago about how it felt finishing my first novel (although I’m still glad I did) – now I’m about to embark on a massive surgical re-write of the same book after investing in a professional edit, and I’m sure I’ll write about that too. Sharing our experiences and giving each other moral support is one of the things writers DO seem to be good at, and unlike most resolutions, it isn’t horribly hard to keep! Hope 2013 brings you continued success.

    • Hi Isabel. Thanks and Happy New Year! Your holiday pics were amazing so I’m looking forward to reading the blog post about your South African trip. You’re right, it’s important to celebrate any success- even the minor ones so all-in-all, 2012 was a good year. Best of luck with the big rewrite. Thanks for all your support last year and here’s to 2013 being a great writing year for us both!

  4. Hi Helen,
    I’m a tad late with the New Year wishes, but Happy New Year anyhow.

    My only 2013 resolution, made with a degree of resolution. I have today decided that I DO have a book in me somewhere, or maybe two or three…small steps! I just have to work out a few kinks though, the ‘How-to’ get started for one. To be fair I do have a working title and a growing list of ideas for the story line(s), so I’m true to my resolution thus far.

    I stumbled upon your blog and immediately like your style of writing, amusing and refreshing and I totally agree with the sentiment “…faff less and write more.” or in my case start! I’m guilty as charged. I guess it’s time to ‘put up or shut up’.

    Having spent 23 years of my life teaching others (14 to 18 year olds) to do stuff. Which lead rather unfortunately to a heart attack 3 years ago. Followed by enforced medical retirement and a 3 year struggle with depression, I figure I need to do something for me. Is this writing going to be for me, or for the reader? Perhaps it will be therapy for me and pleasure for the reader.

    I’m going to go the self publishing route and will almost certainly use the Kindle Direct Publishing system. I do love my Kindle!

    I will be following your excellent blog from today and thanks for sharing btw….I might also contribute on occasions if that’s okay?

    Good luck for 2013 and beyond.


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