Dreams Can Come True…

This is the blog post I often wondered if I’d EVER get to write.

photoIt’s been a long journey, lasting years, with lots of ups and downs, more downs than ups to be truthful and I’ve blogged several times about my doubts about whether I should keep the faith that one day a novel I’d written would be published in the traditional sense.

And finally, haud me back, the day has come when I can jump up and down (not too much – when you wear a bra in my size – it isn’t safe) and scream, “Ya dancer!”

ec009d38c65e2132ca75e5c3a0891f9a_400x400I am more than a wee bit hyper (and still a bit hung over)  to announce that I have accepted a publishing contract for my novel, working title, ‘Talk of the Toun’ with ThunderPoint with the aim of having the book available in late 2015.

ThunderPoint are a small independent publisher based in Scotland who believe in me and ‘get’ what I’m trying to do with my book. When the email came through that Seonaid at ThunderPoint “laughed and cringed in equal measure” I knew I’d found the right publisher and can’t wait to see the manuscript morph from a word document into an actual book.


There are many folk in my real life who’ve helped me get to this point, I hope I get enough space in the book to acknowledge everyone although you know who you are (the bleeding ears from listening to me for years are a tell-tale sign). But there are others too who I ‘know’ in a virtual sense who have regularly left supportive messages on this blog and on Twitter that have meant a lot to me and encouraged me to keep going. To you, my dear and very patient readers, I’d like to say thanks for hanging on in there with me until the end, although some might say this is just the beginning.

In the words of Shania Twain, “Looks like we made it, look how far we’ve come my baby…”

See you at the launch…



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