Pinterest Passion and 80s Rewind

Years ago I’d rip photos out of magazines and keep them in poly pockets filed inside A4 ring binders with dividers sorting them into categories such as ‘bathroomhbx-march-2014-cover-mdn’, ‘kitchen’, living room’ and ‘bedroom’ – hey, don’t judge, everyone needs a hobby! The cuttings were all ideas for interior design. It’s something I’ve always been interested in as I’ve moved house six times as an adult, so it’s lucky that I‘ve loved decorating each home.

Looking back, I’ve probably spent quite a few pounds on magazines like House Beautiful and Ideal Home to then tear out pages showing ‘before’ and ‘after’ home makeovers. Nowadays, there’s no need to buy these expensive magazines to gather ideas, the images are only a click away online and I don’t need to paste the photos on to ‘mood’ boards. It’s so much simpler now there’s the Pinterest website, a virtual pin board to store all the images that I would hope to feature in my dream home decor.

After watching too many episodes of Escape to the Country, I feel jammy to live in a three hundred year old cottage in a rural village and have no intention of moving again in the near future. But I’ve discovered another use for Pinterest as more and more writers are using the website to share the inspiration for their novel with their readers.

downloadUntil my book is actually out there, I don’t have readers but as I’ve had a bit of a break from my day job I’ve started to dabble in building a Pinterest board for my book, Talk of the Toun. My novel is set in 1985 and I’ve found hunners of Pinterest boards indulging in 80s nostalgia.


I’m 2nd from the left in the front row.

I was also able to upload images of the Falkirk area setting for the book and if anyone wants to know what a council house in Bonnybridge similar to the one Angela, the main character might live in, then it’s now easy to visualise. Recently on Facebook, a new group has sprung up called, Bonnybridge Banter and the page has been buzzing with folk posting pics of their school class photos and of the area past and present.


Sleeves record shop in Falkirk – THE place to go to buy the latest no.1 single.

Of course, some readers might not want to have preconceived images related to the novel force-fed to them but there might be others like me who want to relive the 80s and might appreciate a sense of the setting as a character in itself to enhance their enjoyment of the book.


For me as a writer, and as a reader, Pinterest is a guilty pleasure where I can pretend I’m still a teenager (sad, I know) or where I can get an insight into the visuals that fired up other writer’s imagination.

If you fancy remembering the fashions, hair, makeup and music of the 80s then my board will transport you back to when Strawberry Switchblade was in the Top Ten with Since Yesterday. But I warn you, Pinterest is HIGHLY addictive…

Do you have a Pinterest board? Do prefer to imagine your own ideas and images for a book you’re reading?

9 thoughts on “Pinterest Passion and 80s Rewind

  1. I love the idea of a Pinterest board offering images that inspired / represent your book – the more I hear about it, the more I’m looking forward to it.
    Also like it as a kind of mood board for my own stories… Have wanted to explore Pinterest for a while so must have a look at it soon – oh that To Do list is loooooong – although the highly addictive warning will need to be heeded!
    She says away to look up Strawberry Switchboard on YouTube so there goes an hour or three 😜

    • Sorry for adding to your list Poppy! Pinterest was something I’d toyed with using but didn’t get round to it until recently and have found it easy to use and great for a trip down memory lane. Enjoy! 🙂

  2. I already collect pictures for my stories, Helen. Never thought of creating a Pinterest board. Probably won’t to be honest, not because I don’t think it’s a good idea – it’s brilliant. More because, knowing me it would soon become yet another reason to procrastinate. A bit like hanging around on interesting blogs when I could be banging out a few more words before I go swimming… 😉

  3. What an interesting idea. I haven’t used Pinterest yet (no surprise since I’m only teetering on the edge of Twitter) but you never know, I might give it a go – if only to be reminded of the fun-filled 80s!

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