Writing and 2012 – New Year and a New Me!

For many people, it’s that time of year again for coming up with New Year’s resolutions.  And for most, it’s the same list, just a different year.

I’m very much a ‘Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today’ person- leaving my job to go to uni is a prime example. I’m good at being bossy taking control of my life, except in one area- my health. I’m not usually a big fan of New Year resolutions. I don’t need it to be the 31st of December for me to realise that I need to get some exercise (the only time my heart’s raced recently is at the 50% off signs at the sales) and to eat/drink healthier (I know that just because it’s ‘diet’ Irn Bru, it doesn’t make it good for me). The book on my profile pic helps to hide several chins (but it’s hard to constantly walk around with a book in front of me, and it can be dangerous when near traffic!).

And this year, I’m looking at the whole process from an entirely new perspective (wheezing at the top of the uni stairs). Last December, there was as much chance of me returning to uni to do a writing course as there was of finding a vegetarian pit bull terrier.  But now as a mature student, it has made me take a fresh look at my new lifestyle as an aspiring writer. And a doctor’s appointment gave me a reality check.

Now that I actually have an excuse to sit on my fat backside every day, I really do need to think seriously about beating the bulge before my rear end had its own postcode. Losing my tractor sized spare tyre will also mean I can get nearer my laptop and literally closer to my work in progress. A writer is supposed to avoid clichés but I’m making my main resolution to lose weight. Slimming World will have a new member on Wednesday night (after a final Hogmanay binge, well I am Scottish- it’s the law here!). 

It seems  that I’m not alone with this problem. In Jane Wenham-Jones’s excellent book, ‘Wannabe a Writer?’ she even devotes a large section of the chapter, ‘Occupational Hazards’ to ‘Writer’sBottom’ and shares her very funny dietary tips. My favourite being, “Have lotsof great sex. (N.B. If you’re married, best not to let your husband or wife find out.)”

But apart from the usual physical health resolutions, this year, as an aspiring writer, I’ve added another three psychological goals.

1.      Avoiding folk who might judge me on whether or not I should be doing a uni course with no guaranteed job/career prospects at the end of it.

2.      Sending my inner critic on an extended holiday and growing thicker skin (but with a thinner person inside).

3.      Believing in myself as a writer and adopting a “fake it till you make it” strategy in the meantime. 

“Cheers to a New Year and another chance for us to get it right.”- Oprah Winfrey